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Today we’re excited to introduce you to MyndDot’s blog, The Deciding Factor. We believe that greatness doesn’t come from luck, but from the 35,000 decisions the average human makes every day. Our goal is to give you a blog that helps you embark on an important mission: to actively evaluate how you make decisions and the impact they have on your life. You can decide to be great.

Why MyndDot Was Born

Our decision-making app started as a passion project. We set out to understand the decision-making process at an individual and social level. For many people, decision-making is a taxing process that, much to our dismay, doesn’t come with a roadmap. But what if it could?

Driven by passion and powered by science, we set out to build a straightforward decision-making model that uses technology to our advantage. Inspired by the insight that the decisions we make define who we are, what we do, the life we experience and the social interactions we have on a daily basis, we created MyndDot.

A compass for making up your mind

We wanted to give you an app that acts like a decision-making compass. MyndDot guides your decision-making by analyzing data you create yourself. Here’s how: first, you put an impending decision in the app, then generate data by rating it Definitely, Maybe or Nope whenever it crosses your mind. MyndDot stores, organizes and visualizes that data, so your decision-making improves over time. Learning from your best and worst choices has never been so tangible.

Get by with a little help from your friends

And we know you don’t make decisions in a vacuum. So we wanted to deliver a product that not only makes decisions easier, but also explains how all of our choices are connected—no matter if they’re driven personally, socially, event-wise or purely by a thing.

It’s ambitious, we know and agree. But we believe that if we can make just 1 of those 35,000 decisions a day easier on you, we can make a difference. We’ve strived to develop MyndDot into an active life tool that you can consult to learn more about yourself over time.

Join the Mynddot community

Join us on this journey. We hope it makes a difference for you. If so, we’d love to hear about how our app helps you. Or inspire us with features you want that make it even better! We are all ears and excited to hear from you. Go rate, track and decide. Spread the word and get the world MyndDotting.  

Stay tuned to The Deciding Factor Blog to get insights to our product development process, check out feature overviews or simply join us in discussing how to be better decision makers.

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Cory Ferreria, Founding Member

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