If Santa MyndDotted

We all have important decisions to make, but there’s a special North Pole resident who’s making the hardest decision of all: Who’s naughty, and who’s nice? Decision #1: Nice or Naughty? Sometimes he gets some help from Mrs. Claus Decision #2: What’s in Santa’s Workshop? Other times, he gets decision-making help from Buddy, Pepper Minstix Read more

How MyndDot helps you stop over-thinking.

How MyndDot helps you stop over-thinking. Inspired by Shana Lebowitz   The Business Insider’s Shana Lebowitz recently wrote an inspiring article: “7 ways to stop over-thinking everything in your life.” It was also reprinted by Inc.com with the title, “7 Simple Ways to Avoid Overthinking and Improve Your Decision-Making.” Get decisions off your mind and Read more

A post from the founding team

Today we’re excited to introduce you to MyndDot’s blog, The Deciding Factor. We believe that greatness doesn’t come from luck, but from the 35,000 decisions the average human makes every day. Our goal is to give you a blog that helps you embark on an important mission: to actively evaluate how you make decisions and Read more