How to Use MyndDot as a Self-Improvement Tool

Self-improvement can be a rewarding, yet daunting task. Often on the road to personal growth, we start with the best intentions but encounter barriers, both real and imagined, on the way to achieving our goals. We often get the question: how can MyndDot help with self-improvement?

Self-improvement is an important focus for us and our users; here’s why. Fundamentally, we strive to help users achieve their personal goals through our app. We believe this is accomplished with a combination of tools, information and behavioral elements that combine to drive long-term change. Our app platform acts as a canvas for self-fulfillment—and you’re the artist.

We’ve analyzed many self-improvement tools, talked to a lot of experts and spent a great deal of time understanding what helps people. If you’re looking for a tool to help power your personal revolution, MyndDot might just be the ticket. Here’s how it works:

The MyndDot Self-Improvement Process


Step 1:
Put your goal or question in the app.


Step 2:
Over time, rate your dot “Definitely, Maybe or Nope”



Track feedback & comments.


Step 3:
Analyze the results


Step 4:
Get your MyndDot Recommendation from our custom algorithm.

Step 5: Grow seedling

Purpose-Built for Self-Improvement
Our platform is specifically designed to support key attributes of the self-improvement mindset:

  • Organization – The first step in self-improvement is stating your goals and getting organized. MyndDot lets you store all your thoughts and ideas for future review and evaluation. Getting them off you mind and into an app is a freeing experience in itself.
  • Reflection – Each thought or feeling users have takes on a life of its own within the app. We believe evaluating each one independently over time is critical for the self-reflection that drives improvement. As you track these thoughts and feelings in the app, you reflect in a very tangible way, even including comments that show your progress or challenges.
  • Community – We call the people who help support you and influence your decisions your Team. Some are family, others are friends or mentors—it’s up to you. Your Team delivers feedback that you can review as a whole in graphs & statistics, or individually one comment at a time. MyndDot stores that feedback for later, no matter whether that’s tomorrow, next week, a year or 5 years from now.
  • Information Power – The internet grants us access to information like never before. Online you’ll find plenty of general self-improvement advice from experts, bloggers and distant friends on social media. But, our goal is to give you the information that’s 100% tailored to you—which means it’s provided solely by you and the Team you trust. It’s like cloud storage for your mind, an asset everyone should utilize and curate!
  • Visualization of Time – As they say, greatness comes with time, patience and practice. The ability to visualize your changes over time will help drive future areas of improvement. Get insight by reviewing patterns, consulting your customized information algorithm or simply reviewing previous ratings and comments from yourself or from your Team.
  • Goal Focused – When it comes to self-improvement, everyone wants to see results and behavioral shifts. We encourage our users to ask questions that require an answer and end with an action. The app makes the process of working toward that action tangible and simple. You’ll be amazed by how far you’ve come & what you’ve learned about yourself from all the decisions and feedback that MyndDot stores for you.

At the end of the day, we believe the best way to improve yourself boils down to this: just start. Start today—not tomorrow, not a week from now. When you use MyndDot, starting takes seconds. It’s as simple as putting a goal on paper—or in this case, in an app.


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