If Santa MyndDotted

We all have important decisions to make, but there’s a special North Pole resident who’s making the hardest decision of all: Who’s naughty, and who’s nice?

Decision #1: Nice or Naughty?

Sometimes he gets some help from Mrs. Claus


Decision #2: What’s in Santa’s Workshop?

Other times, he gets decision-making help from Buddy, Pepper Minstix & Wunorse Openslay:


Decision #3: How do we deliver presents?

But who’s naughty and who’s nice isn’t the only decision Mr. Kringle is working on now. He’s also consulting his pilot Rudolph about this year’s route:


We like to think of MyndDot as Santa’s little helper. We’re here to help you too!

Happy Holidays from the MyndDot family.


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CoryF  Cory Ferreria (@CoryFerreria), Founding Team