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The mind is a powerful tool; I am confident we can all agree on this statement. From the beginning, MyndDot was built to harness and optimize your mind, the most advanced tool any of us will ever own. For us to do that properly, we need to admit that at times our minds, specifically our memories, are stretched too thin. The world around us moves quickly, content comes and goes in the blink of an eye or flick of a finger and distractions are abundant. Every now and then, we forget to do the simplest things, such as grab the milk at the store, take that pill at 4pm or pencil in 30 seconds to reflect on an upcoming decision.

How can an app support the mind as a tool while simultaneously letting us actively analyze our mental processes and make our best decisions? Sometimes, supporting something as complex as the mind means employing seemingly simple techniques that go a long way.

Today, we are excited to announce a brand new feature, Rating Reminders. The core function of reminders is to help serve as a trigger, a point in time you determine to revisit the Dot and provide a rating. In short, a reminder automatically tells you to rate simple dots like “did I make it to the gym today” or more complex dots like “If i had to decide right now, would I move” on a regular basis. Ratings play an important role on the path to the best decision.

And there’s more. By rating daily, weekly or monthly, for example, you ensure you’re collecting consistent data that MyndDot analyzes for you over time. Learn that you made it to the gym 70% of the time in the last 6 months, or perhaps that 4 times out of 10, you’re not feeling confident about a potential move. This is a quick and nearly effortless way to learn about your mind, what drives it and how you can make it better.

MyndDot Rating Reminders


Effortlessly add a reminder. The date, time frequency of the reminder you choose is shown on every Dot.


Easily toggle the reminder feature on or off on each dot.

With a few selections create a custom reminder schedule that fits your needs.

act1vL You will recieve an iOS Notification &

The Activity Stream will show when a reminder has occurred.



Click on the reminder and simply rate the Dot. Now back to those distractions!

Why not build great tools to improve our brilliant minds, we hope the reminders help you.

Oh, yeah don’t forget the milk!


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Have fun MyndDotting. Questions or issues ping us at support@mynddot.com.

CoryF  Cory Ferreria (@CoryFerreria), Founding Team