Smooth Sailing Ahead: New Updates Streamline your App Experience

Here at MyndDot, our goal has always been the same: to empower better decision-making. With every update, we aim to find new ways to make decision-making easier and more efficient for you.

Today, we’re excited to tell you how we’re making that happen with brand new features that let you integrate our decision-making app into your everyday life to be more productive. We make 35,000 decisions a day. MyndDot’s here to help.

Even Better Graphs
One of the most powerful things MyndDot does is translate your would-be momentary thoughts into data—and put that data in easy-to-read graphs. You’ve always been able to interpret your Definitelys, Maybes and Nopes with a bar graph, but now you can track trends with brand new pie charts and line graphs too.

Different graphs suit different decisions
thumbv4For dots like “Should I buy a convertible,” the pie chart shows the majority of your Team says Definitely in seconds. Meanwhile, for more long-term decisions, notice where spikes in Definitelys or Nopes happen after 8 months to pinpoint what factors have influenced your thought process over time and why. You’ll also notice quicker and easier navigation to the Activity Stream, Adding a Dot and switching between My Dots and Team Stream from the Dot Map.

Higher Overall App Performance
For an app to make you more productive, it should fit seamlessly into your everyday life—not distract you from it. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring you a higher performing app that works as fast as you do.

Our team has worked hard to increase app load time by 45%, deliver smoother scrolling throughout the app and ensure notifications and chats arrive instantaneously. Meanwhile behind the scenes, we equipped our server and app with better communication skills to give you a more dynamic overall experience.

A More Efficient Activity Stream
You can’t spell streamlined without stream, right? Now, when you send your friends dots like, “Do I look cool in a Prius?” they can rate and comment from the Activity Stream, clicking through to the dot.


And if you’d like to rate, edit, comment or decide on your own dot, you can do that right from the Activity Stream too. Thanks to a simple popup, you won’t have to leave your stream. Tackle more decisions in less time.


You’ll also see your Team member’s profile pic with every rating so you’ll exactly who is saying what, right away.


Share Directly from other Apps
Instead of asking “Should I rent that apartment from Zillow,” now you can share the exact listing to MyndDot without leaving your Zillow app. If you want to ask your friends “Are Guerilla Tacos really the best in LA,” share their page directly from Yelp.




We’re excited to tell you even more about this update in our next blog post.

Finishing Touches
Our last update brought you rate reminders for dots like “Did you take your medicine today” or “Would you rather be in LA right now?” With this update, every dot you set a reminder for will show a simple icon so you can access all your reminders at a glance.


Finally, this update features support for the latest iOS 10 release.

We’d Love to Hear from You

From faster load times and smoother scrolling to better graphs, this new update is designed to fit right into your daily routine and make informed decision-making easier than ever before. We’d love to hear your feedback. Happy new and improved MyndDotting!


Our team is always working on cool new features, innovating to make every release better than the last. Stay tuned to our blog or follow @MyndDot social media to get updates!

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Have fun MyndDotting. Questions or issues ping us at

CoryF  Cory Ferreria (@CoryFerreria), Founding Team