Start Sharing: Post to MyndDot Directly from Other Apps

When it comes to our newest MyndDot release, there’s a lot to be excited about. Of all the brand new upgrades, our favorite is the ability to post to MyndDot from other apps.

Say you want to get MyndDot’s helps on important decisions like “Do I NEED this cheeseburger t-shirt?” Before, you would have taken a screenshot, opened MyndDot to share it, then gotten back to your shopping app. Now MyndDot shops with you.

Now, you can share a link to your potential outfit, complete with a picture, directly to MyndDot without ever leaving the Shopstyle app. Easy peasy. Not to mention, with the link saved in MyndDot, you can click through to buy your beloved burger tee from Shopstyle as soon as you notice 75% of your team members agree that you Definitely need it!

How it Works

Step 1: Click the share icon in the app you’re using.

The first time: Click “More” to get to the Activities screen then select MyndDot.ActivateShare3

Next time: MyndDot will appear in your Share Extension. Click MyndDot to share.

Step 2: Create your dot.

Step 3: File it under the best label.

Step 4: Share with your Team and post!


The possibilities are endless.

Shopping apps are only the beginning. Post directly to MyndDot from Yelp, news apps, housing apps and more.

Tell me more, you say?


Now that you’ve decided to purchase your “Burgerolotist Official Taste-Tester” shirt, it’s time to get to work. But the question remains, who has America’s best burger?

Step 1: Locate America’s Best Burger Joint



Step 2: Discuss burger joint with your friends.



Step 3: Investigate “best” burger joint.



Step 4: Find a spot to rent.



Step 5: Make a Decision


EyesSizev1 Look for these share icons  Share1Share2Share3   in all your favorite apps.

Smooth Sailing

Sharing is just one way MyndDot is making sure your app experience is uninterrupted—even when the app you’re using isn’t ours. Look for the Share icon in all your favorite apps. Check out our blog about all the other new features we added to make decision-making more productive.

Share theheavy-black-heartLove 

We’d love to get your feedback on this new feature and other upgrades in this release. Start sharing and tell us what you think!


Our team is always working on cool new features, innovating to make every release better than the last. Stay tuned to our blog or follow @MyndDot social media to get updates!

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Have fun MyndDotting. Questions or issues ping us at

CoryF  Cory Ferreria (@CoryFerreria), Founding Team