How MyndDot helps you stop over-thinking.

How MyndDot helps you stop over-thinking.

Inspired by Shana Lebowitz


The Business Insider’s Shana Lebowitz recently wrote an inspiring article: “7 ways to stop over-thinking everything in your life.” It was also reprinted by with the title, “7 Simple Ways to Avoid Overthinking and Improve Your Decision-Making.”

Get decisions off your mind and into an app.
When we over-think, the phrase “paralysis by analysis” comes to mind. Over-thinking generates anxiety, slows down productivity and prevents us from focusing on each of our decisions in terms of the bigger picture. Healthy self-reflection on the other hand, makes us better.

MyndDot helps you stop over-analyzing and get in touch with your instincts by organizing all of your impending decisions, logging all of your thoughts about them, letting you get feedback from people you trust, and making reviewing all of that data over time simple. And when you’re ready, our decision-making algorithm uses all your input to recommend the decision that’s best for you.

In this blog, we’d like to show you how MyndDot makes following each of Lebowitz’ 7 tips easier on you.

Lebowitz’s 1st tip: “Observe your thoughts from a distance.”
MyndDot lets you put impending decisions in an app, rate them “Definitely, Maybe or Nope” over time, with the option to add comments each time you do so. Then the app automatically organizes all this data so you can analyze months’ worth of thoughts at the same time. Rather than worrying about it for 3 hours today, 1 tomorrow and more, you can watch your thoughts evolve over time to inform your decision-making.


Organizing your decisions and the feedback about them is the most crucial step in observing them efficiently. MyndDot’s Activity Stream keeps you updated on recent feedback from your friends and all interactions within the app. That means it’s all waiting for you when you’re ready. Observe from a distance without getting overwhelmed.



Lebowitz’s 2nd tip: “Write down your thoughts”
Ever written something on your hand because you’re worried you’ll forget about it otherwise? Writing down pending decisions and your thoughts about them in an app is the 2016 version of that—with plenty of added perks. You can rest easy knowing would-be fleeting thoughts are stored in MyndDot so they don’t have to take up any real estate in your brain.



Lebowitz’s 3rd tip: “Designate ‘no-thinking’ times”
Because your thoughts are kept safe in the app, rated whenever you’d like to, ‘no-thinking’ (read: no stressing) times are easy to come by.

If you’re worried those ‘no-thinking’ times may last too long, you can set a Rate Reminder that will notify you rate and comment on any of your upcoming decisions at a date and time of your choosing. Thirty seconds later and a few keystrokes later, you can get back to not worrying.

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Lebowitz’s 4th tip: “Distract yourself”
We’ll leave it up to you to pick your own flavor of distraction, whether it be taking a lap around the neighborhood or turning in to your favorite music.

But we’d be remiss not to give you another option: helping out your friends. Rate and comment on decisions your fellow MyndDotters share with you in the app. Or jump in a group discussion. Remember, decisions like “Is Bigfoot real” and “Should we go to Happy Hour” are fair game—no need to exhaust your brain muscle 24/7.



Lebowitz’s 5th tip: “Focus on what you can do right now”
There’s no limit to the amount of impending decisions you can store in the app. And the longer they’re in there, the more data you’re giving yourself to make informed choices. If you’re not ready to make a decision yet, focusing on right now means adding more data by rating or recording your thoughts. Eventually, “what you can do right now” will be reviewing all that data to make a confident decision.



Lebowitz’s 6th tip: “Respect your own opinion”
While you can learn a lot from others along the way, no one knows what’s best for you better than you do. That means your teacher’s or friend’s opinion is valuable, just not quite as valuable as your own. So the question is, how can you get in touch with your instinct?

MyndDot lets you consult a Team you handpick about  any decision you choose to share. Like you, they can rate “Definitely, Maybe or Nope” and comment—or even discuss with live messaging in the app. But here’s the kicker: each Team member rates your dot once while you rate it as often as you want. That’s because data from you matters most.

And the sheer amount of data MyndDot collects makes identifying your instinct easier. If you rate a dot “Definitely” 67/80 times over 3 months, trusting your gut gets simple.



Lebowitz’s 7th tip: “Know that you can change a wrong decision”
MyndDot’s goal is to empower better decision-making over time—not be an all-knowing digital Magic 8 Ball. After all, mistakes are an important part of how we learn to make better choices in the future.

When you stop rating a dot and make a final decision, with the help of MyndDot’s unique decision-making algorithm, all of your decisions are saved. That means you can go back and analyze them as a whole to understand what led you to make each one.

You can also categorize your dots to observe trends. Keep all your nutrition and fitness dots under a Health label or all your financial decisions under a Budget label to pinpoint patterns in your decision-making or make improvements over time.



Organization is how to put a stop to over-thinking.
By organizing your thoughts for you and you tools to analyze them in seconds, MyndDot helps you make over-analyzing a thing of the past. Try it out for free.


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