What’s New: MyndDot Releases 4/14/2016 Upgrades

No matter whether you’re new to MyndDot or haven’t signed in awhile, the time to check out our new and improved decision-making app is now. Our team has been designing, building and putting in the extra hours to get this latest release to you. And we’re excited about it.

Since the beginning, MyndDot’s been helping you get important decisions off your mind and into an app—where an algorithm puts personal polling, social feedback and data visualization to work to fuel better decision-making. Spoiler alert: it just got better.

The Upgrades
Today, we’re excited to unveil MyndDot’s brand new look and feel. We’ve made tons of user interface and visual changes to the app, making it even more friendly and fun to use. One of our favorites is the new Activity Stream that lets you keep track of all in-app interactions in a single feed.
As always, the powerful analytics that fuel MyndDot behind the scenes are the driving force behind each re-designed feature.

The Highlights: Best New Features & Updates

thumbv4 Thumb-Friendly Navigation
Navigation optimized for your thumb—yes we know you use it the most. Thumbs away!
Quick and easy navigation to the Activity Stream, Adding a Dot and switching between My Dots and Team Stream.
Activityv2x300 Brand New Activity Stream
Activity Stream quickly allows you to access all the latest app interactions in real time.
See everything from new Team requests, Dot Discussions and Ratings all in one place, as they happen. Never miss a moment.
Toggle Streamlined Navigation
The Toggle & Peek icon switches between My Dots & Team Dots effortlessly. Number Peek allows you to see the number of outstanding actions on the opposite view.
Banner Vertical Badge Notifications
Subtle lines of color, like this purple one, alert you to new activity without interrupting your experience in the app.
Dots Re-Designed Ratings Icons
Newly optimized rating Dots make rating quicker & easier.
Subv2 Easy Access Dot Menu
With just one click, the Dot Menu pop-up gives you full access to manage and interact on a dot.
Team Team Dot Tracker
Understand what your Team needs from you, immediately. The team tracker icon indicates how many outstanding Dots you need to rate.
Profile Optimized User Profiles
You are on the go, so the User Profile has been updated to achieve 3 goals quickly:

  • Provide a MyndDot identity to your team with a photo & personalized status message.
  • High level dashboard showing your total Dots, shared Dots and number of Decisions made.
  • Full power to manage and organize your team, easily find the right team members.

And there’s more.

Many more updates are included in this release. We’ve added support for iOS 9.3, crushed a couple bugs, and the list goes on. Explore the app to see them all.


Our team is always working on cool new features, innovating to make every release better than the last. Stay tuned to our blog or follow @MyndDot social media to get updates!

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Have fun MyndDotting. Questions or issues ping us at support@mynddot.com.

CoryF  Cory Ferreria (@CoryFerreria), Founding Team

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