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Rating and Tracking Dots

How many times can I rate my Dots?

You can rate a dot whenever it crosses your mind. Rate as often as you'd like.

How many times can I rate dots from my Team?

You can share 1 rating and 1 comment per dot at a time. If you change your mind after rating a dot, you can go back and re-rate or add new comments to the dot. This will erase and completely replace your original feedback.

How can I track all of my ratings and feedback?

Go to your Dot Map. First, select the dot you'd like to track, then click the arrow glyphicon glyphicon to get to your Dot Map. There you can view all ratings and comments, visualize your ratings in the form of a bar graph, and track other information like average ratings and dot life.

My MyndDot Account

Can I change my username?

Yes. Go to the menu icon in the top left corner, then hit Settings, Followed by Edit Account Settings. Enter your current password, pick you new username and hit Save.

How do I change my password?

Go to the menu icon in the top left corner, then hit Settings, followed by the Edit Account settings. Enter your current password followed by your new one, then click Save.

What can I do if I forget my password?

Type in your username and select the link "Forgot Your Password?" We'll email you a temoporary password so you can reset yours. Make sure the email you provide when you sign up is where you want your new password to be sent should you forget it.

What happes when I delete my account?

All of your personal information as well as all data stored in MyndDot will be permanently erased.

How do I add a new profile picture?

Go to your profile and click on the settings icon to the right of your photo. Take a new picture or upload an existing one.

Dot Decision

What does the on each of my dots mean?

Click this icon when you’re ready to make a decision. This icon takes you to the MyndDot recommendation engine that analyzes all the data you and your team have generated by rating and commenting on the dot. This feature analyzes your key data before delivering a personalized recommendation.

Once you see your MyndDot Rating, you can decide if it’s time to make up your mind by giving your dot one final rating. Case closed!

What is my Instinct Rating?

Your Instinct Rating is the very first rating you gave your dot.

What is My Feedback?

The My Feedback screen shows each rating you gave your dot over time, including the Trending Rating, Average Rating and all of your comments.

Why can’t I select Maybe as my decision?

We focus on evaluating the data and empowering a decision on a dot. If you are still at a maybe rating, we recommend you continue rating. When it comes to getting things done, we want to make sure you master the art of making up your mind.

Why can't my Team rate a dot after I make a decision?

Once you make a decision, we notify your Team. At this point, your mission to decide, and their mission to help you, has been accomplished! This means they no longer can rate your dot.

Do you notify my Team once I made a decision about a dot I’ve shared?

If you’ve shared a dot with your Team, or with certain Team members, and they’ve rated your dot, they’ll will receive a banner notification.

Can I reverse a decision after it has been made?

Yes. If new information comes to light or if you get a little wiser, go ahead!

Dot Management

How do I edit or delete a dot?

Go to My Dots and select the dot you wish to edit or delete. Edit in the text box or hit the trash glyphicon to permanently delete your dot.

What is a Dot Label?

Dot Labels lets you group all of your dots by theme. File a dot under labels like Work, Health or Goals. You can create custom labels, and edit or delete default labels within the app. View all your dots by label on My Dot Stream and check out the Dot Tracker for each one.

Does MyndDot track all of my decided dots?

Yes! My Dot Stream features a Decision Tracker that shows you how many decisions you have reached for every dot you’ve created, as well as for all dots in a specific label. . 20 means 20 decisions made out of 50 total dots.

Sharing Dots

What is my Dot Stream?

Your Dot Stream is a collection of all the dots that other MyndDotters have shared with you. Go to your Dot Stream to rate others' dots and give them feedback.

What information can my Team see?

Once you choose to add MyndDotters to your team, they can see your profile and any dots you choose to share with them. You can choose whether or not other MyndDotters can see how your Team rates or comments on your dots.

Do I have to share dots with my entire Team?

No. You can choose to share with no one, with your entire Team, or only with specific MyndDotters whom you select.

What do the terms Private and Public mean?

When it comes to shared dots, there are two occasions on which you can choose to make dot ratings and comments visible to your Team or to keep them to yourself.

Sharing Your Dots

When you share your own dot, selecting Public on the Dot Share screen lets your Team see how you're rating and commenting on the shared dot. When you choose Private on the Dot Share screen, your ratings and comments will not be visible to your team.

Rating Dots from Your Team

When you rate and/or comment on a dot that a member of your Team has shared, you can choose whether other MyndDotters will be able to view your feedback (Public) or whether your feedback will only be visible to you and the Dot's creator (Private).

Why do I see a ? on dots on my Team Stream and Dot Feedback screen?

This means that the dot’s Creator has edited the dot since you last rated it. Check out the dot again in case the edit makes your change your rating!

Can I live chat through MyndDot?

You can open a discussion from any shared dot. Here’s how:
Go to the dot you want to chat about. Hit , then , and start chatting!

From the Dot Discussion screen, you can:
-Rate dots.
-Share your dot with more team members.
-Talk to everyone you’ve shared the dot with.
-Turn notifications on or off

MyndDotter Management

Can I block Certain MyndDotters?

Yes. You can choose to block them entirely by never adding or by removing MyndDotters from your team. Or, you can hide MyndDotters instead of completely removing them. When you hide MyndDotters, you can remain on their Team without having to share any dots or data with them, or view their dots. They will not know you’ve hidden them.

First, remember that your dots will never be shared with any MyndDotter that you have not added to your Team. If you have added a MyndDotter, but no longer wish to share dots with them, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Remove MynDotters from Your Team
When you remove MyndDotters from your team, they will no longer see your dots in their Team Stream and you will no longer see their dots in yours. You will still remain on their Team; they won’t receive any notification when you remove them from yours. When removed MyndDotters share new dots with you, you will receive an invite to rate them.

Option 2: Block MyndDotters
If you want to prevent MyndDotters from sending you any new invites, you can block them. When you block MyndDotters, again you won’t see their dots and they won’t see yours. Unlike removed MyndDotters, blocked MyndDotters will not be able to send you new invites unless you unblock them.

Will MyndDotters know when I block them or remove them from my Team?

No. When you block MyndDotters or remove them from your Team, they won’t receive a notification. Your dots will simply disappear from their Dot Stream the same way they do when you delete them.

How do I add MyndDotters to my Team?

Go to My Team, then search for Mynddotters by username to add them to your team. You can add up to 150 MyndDotters.

What is my Team?

Your Team is your advisory board. If you need feedback from people you trust, add them to your MyndDotters’ Team and share your dots with them. They can rate and comment on your dots.

Why can I have a maximum of 150 members on my Team?

By limiting your team to 150 members, you make sure you get valuable feedback from people you trust, rather than indiscriminate advice from the internet as whole. This is what makes MyndDot different. When you carefully select your top 150, you can turn down the noise of public opinion and tune into feedback from those those know you best.

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